Moving to LA to Change the Industry “For the First Time in Forever”

Asians are still severely underrepresented in TV/film/theatre, and when we are represented, we’re represented through stereotypes and one dimensional characters. I’m moving down to LA to help change that! REPRESENTATION MATTERS!

Sharing My Self-tape for Zoe Murphy in DEH!

That time I auditioned for Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen!

Times I Probably Made Famous People Uncomfortable

The title pretty much explains it!

2020 Reflection

If I can own up to my ignorance and the parts of me that have been problematic and nasty and toxic, so can other people!

Rude Customer Version of "A Whole New World"

Dedicated to al the rude customers I've had throughout my time in the restaurant industry!

"When Will My Life Begin" but IRL

Singing about real life quarantine to the opening song from Disney's Tangled!

Pinoy “Love Is An Open Door”

Singing about funny Filipino things with my cousin!

American Girl Live

The official trailer for American Girl Live!

Talkin' With Taylor

Promoting American Girl Live in Kansas City, Missouri!

Meet Nanea in American Girl Live

A fun feature talking about Rosie Imelda and Nanea Mitchell on the official American Girl YouTube channel!


Singing with my former kumu (hula teacher) at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco!

Macy’s Great Tree Lighting at Union Square in San Francisco 2012

Performing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” for the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting!

Macy’s Great Tree Lighting at Union Square in San Francisco 2013

Performing “This Christmas” to kick off the holiday season!

Empire State of Mind

St. Ignatius Fashion Show!

The National Anthem for the NBA

Singing the “Star Spangled Banner” for the Los Angeles Clippers!


P.S. I’m really great at sounding like a middle school boy going through puberty.